flower rentals

Silk Flower Rental Services


We rent silk flower arrangements to our clients on a monthly basis.

With over 300 flower arrangements to choose from, Say it with Silk will satisfy all client's floral arrangement requirements.

We deliver and exchange the flower arrangements on a monthly basis,
ensuring you have new fresh bouquets all year round.

Why choose "Say it with Silk" ?

We supply quality silk flower arrangements

All our flower arrangements are unique, they are of made of the finest quality silk, offering a wide variety of bouquets.


The staff of Say it with Silk, strive to give you the best possible service and attention at all times.

Why Silk Flower Arrangements?

  • Realistic, water illusion, they look like the real thing
  • Unlike fresh flowers, silk flower don't affect hay fever suffers
  • No untidy mess due to dropping of leaves and pollen
  • Odour free

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